While it may appear on the surface that your right to bodily autonomy is gone, this is not so. However, unfortunately the process of dealing with the threat of losing your job because you conscientiously object to be vaccinated, must be handled in phases, as events occur. But you are not alone. Australian Education United has teamed with Advocate Me and Human Rights Advocates, to assist us as each step unfolds. Below are some useful resources and an outline of action to take. After joining our group by completing the form on our home page, the most critical action you can take right now is to HOLD THE LINE. 

Step One - Sign Our Petition

After completing the form on our home page, do this step immediately, to show your solidarity and strength in numbers.

Step Two - Download, read & share our Statement of Position

Do this step immediately, to show share with your colleagues.

References in the statement of position

Step Three - Download & send declination letter

Do this step immediately. Use the COVID-19 vaccination declination letter as a template. Download it here, address it and date it accordingly, then send it to the party trying to force you to take the vaccine. It is important that you DO NOT RESIGN!

This form has an optional Student Declination template at the end, which can be used by guardians of school children, to decline vaccination. 

Step Four - If you lose your job

If, after sending your declination letter, your employment is altered in any way due to punitive action because you have objected to being vaccinated, register your complaint as an employee, with the Human Rights Advocates and they will assist you in on-referring the complaint through the appropriate avenues.  Please note that any adverse employment action taken by the employer, is prompted by the government mandate and there will be limited avenues against the employer themselves. For this reason step 5 is critical.

Step Five - National Class Action

Advocate Me have been working with their lawyers to craft a class action legal challenge nationally, which will incorporate mandatory vaccination. For such an action to be successful, it needs to challenge some of the science that has been relied upon, to make public health orders, such as mandatory vaccination. This process will take time, but is well under way and if you are interested in joining, please click below to learn more.